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December 28, 2003
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Beauty Shot by dinyctis Beauty Shot by dinyctis
August 2003

Im fishing in Upstate, New York, around the Seven Lakes area (a gorgeous place).
So im by myself enjoying the silence, when i hear something. I look to my left and there is this toad, flopping around some rocks. Fortunately I had my camera, so very slowly i turned it on, set it up for "macro," get on my knees, and proceed to aproaching the toad.

I managed to get close enough to capture this, and the little bastard didn't even move even after i managed to snap a few pictures of it. It was rather nice because there was some "trust" there. Yes you can laugh at the thought of a toad trusting a human with a camera, but it's true, the sucker let me get to about 10 inches from its face.

Why "beauty shot?" Because i find this slightly humorous, kinda like the toad being a camwhore =P
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Hey... -it's a toad. And a photogenic toad at that. Cool
aww i really like this picture :)

poison hearts will never change
thegryph Oct 6, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I really like the range of values in this shot. And he looks terribly cute.
this is a big smile. i liked the soft blur and the water effects in this photo. looks real enough for me to kiss that cam lover : )
tigaer Sep 7, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
a friend of you? hehe that's a nice close up here. the b&w works nice but i think a colored version would be cool too.
I think he was a lil' afraid, that's why he didnt move. Dont think these animals have such big trust in people pointing something like a cam on them... On the walking path near the lake here there was a cute lil' frog sitting in the middle of it... there are a lot of bikes there too, and i was afraid that someone would ride over him, at the moment i stopped and tried to make him jump into the bushes, he frooze and didnt move anymore... tried to put him on my hand, but was afraid to hurt him, he was so tiny and fragile... anyway, it worked out and I felt good again :-)
this is an awesome shot! i love the cropping and the black and white, you made a lovely shot of a lovely animal! congratz!
It probably is a defense mechanism, since a lot of predators are sensitive to movement. :)
Maybe the toad was just frozen with fear?

haha sorry, didn't mean to rain on yer trust parade ;P

The pic is fantastic tho, great choice of black and white, nice contrast, detail, shadows, and composition. And I think it really does make the toad look pretty; (not an easy task)!

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