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October 4, 2003
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Effulgence by dinyctis Effulgence by dinyctis

The state of being effulgent; extreme brilliancy; a flood of light; great luster or brightness; splendor.

UPDATE: If there is one thing i love, then its constructive feedback. I revisted a few things that my eye missed, and here is the final version with a few touches (better atmosphere for bigger planet in top piece, more star contrast in top and middle left pieces, and slight blur in middle left)

This is one of those deviations with an ironic story behind it, lets explain.

Im sure most of you heard about the blackout that affected the northeastern part of the United States and a big part of Canada. Because there was no light and nothing interesting to do, * superkev went to the beach and started taking pictures of insects. He's skill with depth of field always impresses me and i got the idea of trying to apply the effect to space scenes. So where's the irony here? Well, I got the inspiration for a light themed deviation from pictures taken due to the lack of "light."


So anyways, I originally started with a single work, but, as usual, lots of possibilities came up and i was hard pressed to pick one. I figured that i'd make a poster like this one, since i have an empty space in my wall and it would look pretty good there. So i made this with my room in mind, thats why i used that typo (which i can already tell lots of you are gonna hate).

Another thing that i got to experiment with was city lights on planets, you can see them in pretty much all of the sections here. You can tell that they look different in all of them, this is to show the different settings. Personally i like the ones from the top and right the most, since they are subtle. I also thought of using city lights to contrast with the fact that the blackout was the very base of the depth of field effect idea :D

I used photoshop for EVERYTHING except the asteroids in the bottom pic.

Things i like:

I like the sun in the top 3 pieces. I like how its not sharp and its rather smooth.
I like how the depth of field effect came out, it adds depth.
I like the color variations. I tried to make it all monochromatic, but the colors were more dramatic.

Things i dont like:

Im not satisfied with the starfields. They could use more contrast, but then again they would alter the feel of the piece for the worse. Suns always get in the way. However its nothing disasterous.

Thats about as technical and as thorough as i can get without boring the most of you (although i know many people dont even bother to read the descriptions, meh)

Big thanks to *superkev for his help on helping me get the depth of field effect right, and for pointing out that its impossible to actually get "pictures" like these in space, since the lens would have to be bigger than the planet and considering the distance at which the picture is taken.

I hope you enjoy this one, dont hesitate to leave feedback, as usual :)
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pogona2009 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
out of focus planets to give depth, I definitely have to try it.
Imthenats Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Indeed. I love the different frames and the planets that look like they are lit up by city lights. :D :ninja:
edlyn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2005   Photographer
you are a genius :wow: ciao from Italy!!!!
phyzer Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
just wow, everything fits so well :)
C-y-n-d-i Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2004
I'm no digital expert so I can't give you very good critique, but I'll just say the city lights give this a deeper feel. In God's house there are many mansions, and here we are looking at a few(MY PERSONAL interpretation on the meaning of that passage, don't take my word for it as the true meaning.).

Makes me wonder if another Earth full of humans exists in another galaxy...
Cor-i Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Really cool stuff you got here. I specially like this one because of the colors. great job ;)
houk Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2004
great job
sabotage Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great work, 1 thing i dont understand is why the stars on the top photo are blurred if those on the bottom arent?? they should be anyways because its a "shot" from distance
tiagotejo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2004
Really nice. This reminds me Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
creps Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
lol! the fact that it is impossible to get such an effect is maybe why I feel there's something wrong with the pics ;) I love them all, especially the middle-right one (I love the color of the city lights), but the depth of field makes us lose the feeling of space being so huge... but great work, as what I've seen in the rest of your gallery!
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