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August 8, 2004
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Enchantment by dinyctis Enchantment by dinyctis
UPDATE (August 17th): Fixed the biggest stars, now they are of different size. I had them like this, but somehow I didnt notice them in the final version.

A nice come-back thingie that i made over the vacation. This one has an interesting story going for it, but i'll share it at the end, after the technical information.

All photoshop, all brushing, custom brushes (by me), 1.5GB, 14 different versions made, wacom graphire 2 (now belongs to my cousin), over 200 layers (cause honestly, i lost count).

Pros: I like the shapes and how the 2 blend together. The top one is bigger (more detail).

Cons: Colors aren't realistic. There are galaxies with bright colors, but usually those are composite images of different spectrums. However, if you've been following my work, you'll notice that red and blue contrast is a trend in works of mine, and i like how this turned out. If i was to go for realistic coloring, it would be desaturated yellow, pulling towards brown. Not very eye-pleasing. Regardless, with all i learned, i might make a pretty realistic one in the near future, because now i got a thing for galaxies.

Now, the story of the production.

During late june, i started a galaxy. It turned out ok, looked more like a nebula though. So i worked on it more and more. I was planning on making a piece with 3 galaxies. Long story short, after weeks of working on them, i decided that they sucked, and i trashed them. I started one from scratch, and in 2 days, i had something that was 10 times better than the other 2. Shows that the things learned paid off seemlessly. So i worked and worked and they got cooler by the minute.

Then came the stars. Oh boy were they hard. Too many, then too little, no structure, bad coloring, you name it! After some experimenting, i got a nice setup that was balanced. Of course, i researched a lot of galaxy imagery during the production.

Finally, the coloring. Lots of fun and frustration. It was a pain to get a contrasting coloration, yet trying to keep it balanced. But finally, it's done. Might not be realistic, but somehow i went the other direction. Sometimes you just gotta do what your eyes ask you to do, disregarding a brain that says "thats not the true color, foo!"

So, after over a month in the making, here it is. All kind of feedback is appreciated, as always. Enjoy it :)
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QAuZ Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
This has been featured [link]
siztem Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
took you a month to make this? well it definitely deserves a fav
dinyctis Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2007
A lot of playing around and on a crappy laptop that took like 5 minutes to save!
erwanbreizh Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
the sight is very beautiful!, il like it ;)
why-wai95 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2005
this can make me think as an astrophotograph taken by telescope!!!
derurasu-horigotomo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2005
wow your hella good O__o what kinds of program do oyu use to make htings look soo damn real???
Princess-Of-Tsurgi Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MissFlesh Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Very very well done space scene. Its so beautifully done, I just love all the colors.
CarlosAntunes Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2004  Student Digital Artist
The atmosphere itīs great, i īm not too familiar with light behavior but i like the detail of the stars with the 4 lines each in the same direction, itīs the correct way, nice detail...
solarisdezine Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2004
very nice piece,
what filters did you use,
is it all done in PS ?
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