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December 12, 2006
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Stop Hating Smartasses by dinyctis Stop Hating Smartasses by dinyctis
Another posted just to show that I'm still around. =P

For years, our smartass comrades have taken flak. Speak up against the politically correct pigdogs!

While I will concede the point that timing is our biggest weapon as well as our nemesis, far too often people try to shut us down merely because they are uptight idiots who not only try to keep us quiet when its not “convenient,” but also make “funny” or “witty” remarks just to be shut down themselves (karma, biatch).

The true smartass is 100%. Not only can h/she dish it out with the best timing and in good taste, but receives it and appreciates it as a reminder to take a step back and lighten up.

Seriously, though. Lighten up. And fellow smartasses……work on your timing, for only a smartass who knows when to fire is a true master of wisecracking.

Design....err well nothing fancy, as you can see. The point was simple, and the design needed to match that.

Print and wallpaper: If enough people ask for it, I’ll do it.

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I'm in full sympathy with the general, and the specific, sentiment. I've been called a 'smartass', or something similar, almost all of my life, and I revel in it.

My basic response to the comments is sarcastic, "Think. It may be a new experience."

CrazySOB42 Aug 4, 2013  Student General Artist
You mind if I put this in my dA ID?
CrazySOB42 Aug 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks, if I ever get my laptop fixed I'll put it up. I'm just doing this from my PS3.
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