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dinyctis Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2004
Do you get disgusted by things like insects (spiders, cockroaches), reptiles, and amphibians (frogs, salamanders)?

I always wondered why people find them disgusting. They arent harmful (most of them) unless you mess with them. Besides, spiders eat other bugs and keep houses cleaner :D

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criku Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
I don´t like cockroaches :bleh:

But I do like all the others. Especially spiders and frogs are nice little creatures :)
Doubtful-Della Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005  Professional Photographer
VBugginW Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2004  Professional Photographer
you didn't live in the part of FL where i came from...roaches the size of mobile homes i tell you. plus i remember putting my shoe on one day when i was about 7 and a HUGE cockroach scurried out and scared the shit out of me...

they're so dad said i ate one when i was a few months old and he had to fish it out of my mouth :eeeewwwwww:

i like butterflies (some moths), snails and ladybugs because they're more attractive than say beetles and roaches, which i associate garbage with.
JenniferStarling Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2004
I personally was traumatized as a young child when a guy my mother was dating told me not to pick at the electrical tape in his junker car or the spider that lived inside the car would come out and bite me.
inthesea Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2004  Professional Photographer
I have a fear of spiders, well the large kinds anyway. I'm not sure why though. I can look at them up close and everything, but as soon as they start running i get freaked out by it! :o Very strange.

The only creature that REALLY disgusts is the Fly. No not the movie version, just your common house fly/horse fly/bluebottle/greenbottle etc etc. They eat shit. They puke on their food before they eat it. They really do make me feel sick, and as a result i have NO problem what-so-ever splatting the little fekkers.
rurounigoku78 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2005
i agree those horrid flies fly around and POOP in peoples food. makes me scared to eat sometimes.
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